Your staff is so very professional and friendly – I most often met with Morgan, Ester, and John. They provided me with very individualized therapy, answered all my questions, and addressed all of my concerns. A very special “Thank You”.
I continue to do the home exercise program as outlined by your staff. Compared to my left shoulder, I have about 85% mobility on my right side. I am so much better than when I started therapy. Certain movements continue to be painful – I have learned my limitations to minimize the discomfort.
I am so satisfied with the care that I received at ERB PT and would highly recommend your services.

– Margaret J.

“I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in May 2015. In March 2016, I was referred to Erb by someone who also has MS and what a blessing that has been. Both Bruce and Mary are just awesome. I have been working closely with Mary who was quick to recognize the problems I had walking. I had hip revision surgery in July of 2014 which required 9 weeks of physical therapy. Although I’m sure the physical therapy helped, I never walked normally since then. after the MS diagnosis a doctor told me I would probably never walk again. since working with Mary not only am I walking much better my outlook on life has improved as well. Erb Physical Therapy is hands down the greatest place I’ve ever gone. The people there have made it a very pleasurable experience. I would recommend Erb to anyone.”

– Cynthia K.

“I have been living with Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years. The Alter G treadmill has given me the opportunity to build up my stamina for walking longer distances. The treadmill can also be programmed to let me walk backwards and simulates walking down hills which enables my upper leg muscles to be strengthened. The treadmill and staff at Erb Physical Therapy have helped me gain the necessary strength to make everyday living a little easier.”

– Donna K.

“Following spinal and joint replacement surgeries, I was given a prescription for physical therapy. Based on several recommendations, I chose Erb Physical Therapy. My treatment plans were supervised by staff members who rotated through the visits. Progress was monitored and new elements were added as appropriate during the course of rehab. I really valued the information that each therapist shared since it became knowledge for me to continue taking care of my health once treatments ended. Erb Physical Therapy has been key to the mobility and comfort that I now enjoy.”

– Julie M.

“Had a great experience here they listened to me and didn’t over push like some places would. The entire staff was amazing!! They helped me get back to my normal activity and be able to take care of my daughter again. It’s a very caring atmosphere and I would definitely come back!”

– Chelsie D.

“I am a 63 year old male, who just completes 5 months of PT for a slip disc in my lower back. I want to say ‘thank you’ to Ken Erb, Liz, Kate, Esther Lauren and the rest of the staff for providing me with wonderful care and treatment. ERB Physical Therapy provides the healing trifecta: a healing look, a healing word, and a healing touch.”

– Tony Y.

“I have just completed 10 weeks of physical therapy for my total knee replacement. I could not have chosen a better facility to do my rehab. All of the PTs and PTAs are very professional and are very interested in the patient’s progression in healing and getting back to ‘normal’ or better. I highly recommend ERB Physical Therapy.”

– Jenny G.

“I am back for physical therapy for my second knee replacement, the left one now and the right one 2 years ago. During all of my visits I have experienced only the best of care. The thoroughness of the initial examinations and the professionalism demonstrated by Kenny and the entire staff is excellent. The time spent explaining things and answering my questions about the examination and therapy has been done in an exemplary fashion. I have learned a lot about my body and how it functions. That makes doing the exercises more palatable, knowing why I am asked to do certain things. The team stresses the correct way to do the exercises, and they don’t let me “cheat” in ways that make the exercises easier to do. Being a retired physician and getting this kind of care makes me feel more comfortable in carrying out my rehabilitation. Kenny, thanks to you and your staff for work “well done”!”

– Ron B., MD