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Welcome to ERB Physical Therapy in Bethel Park, Brentwood and Canonsburg, PA

Excellence in RehaB

Expert Physical Therapists whose passion is finding individualized solutions for your problems... caring professionals who listen to you... your own individual private treatment room... this is the model of excellence that awaits you at Erb Physical Therapy.

Your Health is our Passion

With a Tradition of excellence dating back to 1971, our practice of blending cutting edge solutions with tried and true methods has been the hallmark of our success. Receive treatment in a warm, welcoming environment where the emphasis is on a personal connection and enjoyment of the experience. Erb Physical Therapy is where you belong.

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Exclusive Treatments and Programs

Erb Physical Therapy offers it's patients cutting-edge options that break from the norm. Patients enjoy new experiences and techniques that transform an ordinary session into the extraordinary.

Individualized Treatments

Whether you are trying to avoid surgery or recovering post-operatively, Erb Physical Therapy has all of your rehabilitation needs. Each patient receives one-on-one or two-on-one care with a treatment plan that is tailored to their specific needs. The plan is designed to get you back…to the activities that you enjoy. Erb Physical Therapy patients get back to more than just everyday living.

 Before your surgery...

For pre-operative instruction and care, ERB Physical Therapy can meet all your needs. From assisting patients through home exercises to educating patients on crutch or cane use, our staff explains and demonstrates with the upmost level of care.

 After your surgery...

Our specialized after-surgery programs assure that you completely recover and maximize the potential benefits of the surgical procedure.

Discover comprehensive and compassionate treatment options for the whole family. From elite athletes to grandparents, our facility is equipped to meet all your needs.

 Do I need a script from a doctor?

Chances are you do not need a script for physical therapy at ERB Physical Therapy. Our self-referral program allows you to start care sooner and get better faster. We coordinate care with your doctor if it turns out that Physical Therapy is not the right solution at this time.

 Highmark & UPMC

We are not affected by the Highmark and UPMC dispute. Being a private practice, we are able to be in network for both Highmark and UPMC health insurance plans.

 Is this a space station?

Our new AlterG treadmill lets our patients defy the laws of gravity! By sitting in a bubble of air, our therapists can take gravity out of the equation. With NASA-patented technology, ERB Physical Therapy is the standard-bearer for cutting-edge care.

 How to schedule an appointment?

Give us a call to schedule within 24 hours or request an appointment online.

 What insurance plans do you accept?

We accept all major insurances, including both UPMC AND Highmark.

Research Your Diagnosis

We treat a variety of pain and movement disorders. Learn more about your condition, the services we provide, videos of various treatment modelities, as well as links to reliable healthcare resources

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